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High quality products and brands with a mission Unilever has been operating on the Russian market more than 25 years.
Currently, Unilever owns 4 large production clusters:
- food products and ice cream in Tula region,
- tea, cosmetics, household chemicals in St. Petersburg,
- cosmetics in Yekaterinburg,
- ice cream in Omsk.
The company's total investment in the Russian economy currently exceeds 178 billion rubles, and the number of employees in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is about 3700 people.
The brand portfolio of Unilever in Russia includes such well-known brands as mayonnaise and Calve sauces, Hellmann's sauces, Knorr seasonings, Carte D'Or ice cream, Zolotoy Standard and Magnate, Beseda tea, Brooke Bond and Lipton, cosmetics Dove, Rexona, "Black Pearl", "Pure Line", household products Domestos and many others.

In November 2010, Unilever presented the Plan for Sustainable Development and Quality of Life. To date, many of the objectives of the Plan have already been achieved by the company in Russia:
- Unilever has helped 482 million people around the world improve their health and well-being. And in Russia, more than 40 million people have benefited from balanced food and ice cream Unilever and programs for hygiene and self-esteem.
- 100% of the company's production facilities (240 factories) around the world, including 6 factories in Russia, stopped sending non-hazardous waste to the disposal site. Towards this ambitious goal of the factory, companies began to generate fewer industrial wastes and more than 2/3 of them are recycled. 3 million Euros were invested in improving the quality of waste water used at the company's production in St. Petersburg by 80%.

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